Yonex Astrox 99



Lee Chong Wei’s new Astrox racket. Explosive energy with next-gen performance.

Colour: Sunshine Orange

“I shot one smash with the Astrox 99 and felt a power that I’ve never felt before. It’s an incredible racquet.” – Dato’ Lee Chong Wei

“This racquet has more feel than any racquet I’ve ever used and it fits my playing style so well. I have very high expectations for it.” – Kento Momota, 2018 World Champion.

Continuing the extraordinary success of the Astrox series, Yonex Astrox 99 offers players a racket that delivers power, hit after hit. Building upon the ground-breaking Namd graphite, the AX99 is unique in using this revolutionary next-gen graphite throughout the entire racket, rather than simply in the shaft as the Astrox 77 and 88 rackets. By adding Namd into the entire frame, including the racket head, the Astrox 99 doubles the energy return from your swing when the string bed connects with the shuttle, while asking nothing extra from you, ensuring that this racket offers you explosive power with every single hit.

To highlight and celebrate the extraordinary performance of this racket, the design of the Yonex Astrox 99 is inspired by the power and energy of the sun. The base of orange and black echo the sun spinning in the vast blackness of space, while red highlights recall the explosive solar flares that occur on its surface.

Featuring a very head-heavy balance (similar to the Voltric Z-Force 2) and stiff shaft, the AX99 has the perfect specs for players that want an explosive, performance racket with an extra focus on power and smashing. Yonex’s Rotational Generator System ensures that this racket performs superbly while defending, and offers extra speed for mid-court driving, net shots, drop shots and defending opposing smashes, while the head-heavy balance and Namd graphite ensures that this racket has simply unmatched power for explosive and steep smashes.

When you combine these specs with Yonex’s legendary expertise and ground-breaking next-gen technology, you get a badminton racket that surpasses the expectations of even the world’s best players, making it the choice of champions throughout the game, and the perfect weapon to take your performance higher than ever before.

  • Grip: G4
  • Frame: H.M Graphite + Namd + NANOMETRIC + Tungsten
  • Shaft: H.M Graphite + Namd
  • Yonex Technologies: Namd, Rotational Generator System, Energy Boost Cap

Made in Japan.


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